Program Director, Maryalice Snider.

The excitement of living in a place synonymous with freedom and independence was what drew me to Wyoming in 1981, and the pace of life, wide open spaces, endless skies and friendly people were what eventually helped me form roots.  Volunteering has given my adult life much value and an extra sense of purpose, so in 2013 when a position with the Foster Grandparent Program became available, it seemed like life had a way of leading me to what it knew I needed next. In the fall of 2015, I became Program Director of FGWR under its new sponsorship with ARI.

I often remind myself what gumption it takes for a person to branch out to unknown territory, especially having already lived in years and experiences often three quarters of their lives.  This is how our volunteers often come to us.  They are my superheroes and inspire me every day so that I do my best to find joy in the nuts and bolts of managing a Federal Service Program.  Value and meaning has reinvented itself in my life these many years working for the Foster Grandparents program as I watch value and meaning come back into the lives of our volunteers.  In my spare time I love cooking, playing in the mountains, and learning about new cultures, preferably with my family and usually with my dogs Ivy and Lulu by my side.

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Originally from Nebraska, I moved to Laramie in 1990. I have a BA in Child & Family Development and an MA in Curriculum & Instruction/Early Childhood Disabilities. I've worked in Early childhood Education for many years and have worked with Foster Grandparents in each program. It's wonderful being part of the Foster Grandparent Program to support seniors within our community.  I have a large family and my favorite thing is to spend time with them. I enjoy cooking, playing games, reading, having adventures in different places in the world. And I love serving our grandparents. Please stop in and say “hello”!

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Check back soon for more information about Shauna Moody, our new project coordinator in Sheridan!