Foster Grandparents of the Wyoming Rockies


Foster Grandparent Programs are administered through local community non-profit agencies with the approval of the Corporation for National Service.


Foster Grandparents of the Wyoming Rockies serves seven counties: Albany, Carbon, Sweetwater, Uinta, Lincoln, Sheridan and Johnson. Grandparents are currently placed in classrooms, residential treatment facilities, day care centers, child development centers and other programs.  Current Volunteer Stations are located in the following areas: Laramie, Rawlins, Green River, Rock Springs, Evanston, Afton, Kaycee, Buffalo and Sheridan, WY.


The Foster Grandparent Program provides volunteer opportunities for low-income seniors

from all economic, educational, and social backgrounds to serve children and teenagers who need one-on-one assistance.   This assistance may include tutoring, teaching remedial skills, motivating, mentoring, listening, serving as role models, reading aloud, holding and caring for babies, as well as teaching practical living and coping skills.   They serve at no cost to themselves.


The Program enables limited income persons, 55 years and older, to remain physically and mentally active as well as to supplement their income.  Volunteers help to alleviate the academic, physical, mental, and or emotional problems of children and adolescents having special or exceptional needs.


FGWR is sponsored by Action Resources International.

FGWR is sponsored by Action Resources International.

Mission Statement:

To foster a healthy, unified and productive community through the cultivation of mentoring relationships between wise elders and children with identified needs.